Stalled and Stuck? The ‘5-More-Rule’ Gets You Moving Again


Stalled? Try the 5-More-Rule.

When you’ve stalled and your project is stuck, it feels just awful.

Stress rises and creative ideas are suddenly elusive.

You need to keep moving to accomplish your goals.  But how often do you feel drained and guilty because your energy has abandoned you and your projects have come to a grinding halt?

Stalled projects devour your confidence. Maybe procrastination is the culprit. Maybe you’re just tired and overwhelmed.

Whatever the proximate cause may be, stalled projects are stubborn and debilitating. They rob you of energy and they don’t go away.

Projects Are Made Up of Tasks

Big projects are complicated and can easily become overwhelming. So, are you tempted to back away from the sheer scope and complexity of a big undertaking?

Well, remember, projects can always be broken up into pieces. In fact, they must be, if you’re going to keep moving.

So, chunk your projects down into as many specific tasks as you can.  The more concrete the tasks are, the better.  You’ll find that often these ‘chunks’ are doable in fairly small time increments.

When You’ve Stalled Focus Small

So, whatever project you feel stuck about, DON’T focus on the whole.  Instead, narrow your field of vision. Zero in on the specific task that you are engaged with NOW — the one that has you stalled.

You come to see that it’s not the entire project that has you stymied but it’s this particular task.  That insight makes the challenge immediately smaller and more manageable.

Your next step is to apply the powerful “5-More Rule” to that task.

The “5-More Rule” Lets You Stretch

When you use the “5-More Rule” you extend your energy and stamina. And you get yourself unstuck.

This rule applies to any task, and the “5-More” might refer to:

  • Time increments, as in “I’ll keep working on this for 5-More minutes,” or
  • Steps or tasks, as in “I’ll write 5-More paragraphs,” or “I’ll assemble 5-More widgets.”

And the beauty of the “5-More Rule” is that it involves small enough chunks that you can always do it.  At the same time, it’s of a scale that it often re-energizes you or sparks new ideas.

And the best part? Once extend yourself in this way, when you DO stop, you’re stopping by your own choice and on a much more positive note.

Think about ways you might use the “5-More Rule” in your life.

How might you put it into practice today?

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