Start Each Day with a Gift to Yourself — How to Begin Well Every Morning

joyful start each day
Start each day with a gift…

When you start each day in a planful and self-caring way, you give yourself an energy boost that is very sustaining. This is true no matter what challenges your day holds.

And then as your day unfolds, you can draw upon the power that even a small gift to yourself.  This, in turn, dramatically affects your perspective on time and on what’s possible.

Your gift is a promise.

As you start each day, think about what gift you’d like to give yourself, either to begin, or throughout this day?  Only make a promise you will definitely follow through on.  Your follow-through builds self-trust, which is a gift in and of itself.

This is especially important when times get rough.  Think of activities that validate who you are and reinforce your values. What this looks like will vary from person to person.  The common thread is that it nourishes and supports you as you move through your day. 

Things to think about as you start each day…

Here are some exercises to help you zero in on what gifts will be most helpful as you start each day.

The transition from sleep to wakefulness is hard for some of us.  When you know what’s hard, you can then identify what might make it easier. Brainstorming some endings to the following sentence will help you zero in on what you most need or what most energizes you first thing in the morning:

  • “The thing I find hardest thing about getting up is __________________________________.”

Maybe waking to music eases you into your day.  Or maybe a quiet cup of coffee, a morning run, yoga stretches, or meditation could be helpful to you.  Whatever works is worth considering for your gift to yourself.

  • “My day goes better if I start out by _____________________________________________.”

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Or do worries try to seep into the rest of your day?  Maybe your morning gift will be about helping you let go and reorient yourself. Remember, the gifts you choose work best for you when they spring from your uniqueness. 

  • “If I had a few more minutes in the morning, I’d use them to ________________________.”

Self-validation sustains you. 

Do you sometimes feel unseen, unheard, or unappreciated? Your gifts to yourself as you start your day deeply validate who you are and what you do.  This fundamentally transforms your time and energy. Your choices provide more pleasure and enable you to more fully tap into your potential as you move through your day.

Pay close attention to the ways that your morning choices enhance your day. Experiment and fine-tune as you learn more about what you truly need.

By devoting this level of care to yourself, you build self-trust and experience more gratitude, confidence and resilience, no matter what each day may offer.

Start each day in a self-caring way…

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