Start Your Day in a Nurturing Way with This Timely Tip!

Sunrise to Start Your Day

Start your day mindfully to energize and inspire!

How do you usually start your day?

For many, many people, a computer, tablet or phone is the first thing their waking eyes see. What this does is plunge you right into the world of social networking, tasks, and news — all before you’ve even brushed your teeth.

So, when it comes to giving yourself a  good start to your day, I’d like you to consider an alternative.

Start Your Day with a Morning Ritual

In the past I’ve written here about the importance of rituals and, specifically, about creating morning rituals for yourself. Energizing and calming, these activities are like a good, nourishing breakfast!  They give you what you need to sustain your activities for the coming hours, ground you in your present moment and just generally help you start your day on the right foot.

If you’d like to read more about morning rituals, click this link to read one of my recent posts.

This Tip Helps You Avoid Getting Side-tracked

The thing about your morning ritual, though, is that it only works if you do it.

And if you typically wake up and turn on your iPad first thing, you may find that your day is out of your hands before you even start! So here’s your timely tip:

  • Don’t turn on any of your screens or devices until you have completed your morning ritual.

Following through on this tip gives you full ownership of your morning time. You decide how to start your day, rather than following the lead of the internet’s trending items or your To-Do List.

By leaving your screens off and pursuing the activity you choose to start your day, you give yourself a message that you are important. This is huge. It sets you on an empowered path from the get-go. Your entry point tells you that your choices matter and you’re giving yourself what you need to thrive.

There will be time, later, to catch up on the news of the world, your friends’ messages, and the details of your To-Do List. But taking a breath and settling into your day in a mindful way is a huge gift that you can give yourself no matter what the coming hours hold.

So, decide on a timeframe and try leaving your screens off as you start your day. Try it for a week and track how you feel.

I think you’ll find that it really helps!

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