Start Your Projects Well to Find Time and Find Success

start your projects well

Here’s help to start your projects well…

When you start your projects well, you give yourself a boost. Then you are that much more likely to find success.

But it’s not always easy to start your projects well.

In reality, people greet new projects in many different ways. So how do you do it?

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck before you begin?

Whether you tend to stall out or rush in when you start your projects, you’ll find these tips about preparation extremely helpful.


You benefit in a number of ways by engaging in thoughtful mental and physical action steps before you start your projects.  You maintain your motivation and momentum, and you establish a physical environment conducive to productivity.

For example, have you ever sat down at your desk to begin working, only to realize that you need to immediately get up and get something you need? Whenever this type of break in the action occurs, momentum is lost and motivation is diminished.

Instead of encountering this familiar and frustrating situation, prepare in advance.  Avoid ‘timing difficulties’ by maintaining commitment and focus. We will explore two key elements in your preparation today.

Key #1 to Start Your Projects:

The first is mental preparation. Think about how world-class athletes and experienced public speakers go through a mental rehearsal as an important first step in preparing for success. This same cognitive process brings equally beneficial results when used prior to beginning your project.

  • Get into the habit of opening your imagination to ideas about your intended activity. For several days or several weeks, encourage yourself to creatively think about the desired outcome of your project. That way, ideas emerge and frameworks begin to develop gradually as you mull them in the background.
  • Any time intriguing ideas and other components relevant to your project surface, make a quick note on your phone or in a small notebook. By harvesting the best of your ideas in advance, you begin your project enriched by thoughts, questions and conclusions to build on.

Key #2:

Second, mentally prepare your physical landscape. Envision your ideal setting, where everything you need to maintain your focus is right at your fingertips. Be as concrete and specific as you can. What supplies and resource materials will you want close at hand? Some necessary items to include might be:

  • A computer
  • Several blank lined tablets
  • A calendar (paper or virtual) for scheduling and making notes
  • Several pens or sharpened pencils,
  • A clock and some sort of timer
  • Sticky pads of different colors, shapes and sizes
  • Resource materials specific to your project
  • Coffee, tea, water, and maybe even some aspirin.

Compile this list over time as you think of the different items you need. It will enable you to set up your environment quickly, and will ensure that it is uniquely suited to your preferred working style.

Your mental and physical preparation should prevent the two most common obstacles to achievement: a blank page with no ideas to jump-start your thinking, and frustration over the limitations of your working environment.

So, how do YOU typically prepare for your projects now? Are there changes you’d like to make? How will you start today?

Want more help to start your projects?

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