Staying Present All Through the Holidays — How Reflection Points Help

staying present

Staying present in your life…

Staying present, energetic, and refreshed over the span of the holiday season can be a big challenge.

It’s also a wonderful gift to give yourself and your family and friends.

But there’s so much to do. Staying present often gets lost in the shuffle.

That’s why I propose that you give yourself the gift of Reflection Points throughout your day, not just during the holidays but each and every day.

They needn’t take a lot of time, and they needn’t be ‘scheduled’.  Just be sure that you pause periodically and come back to yourself.

Staying present is key…

As you journey through time it’s fundamentally important to take care of yourself along the way.  As Greg Anderson has written:

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

That most certainly applies during this time of year.  It’s easy to push yourself to accomplish “just one more thing” or buy “just one more gift” or write “just one more card.” But in the end, you find that you just end up feeling overwhelmed, irritable, and depleted.  And I’m guessing that’s not how you want to be journeying through holiday time, or any time, for that matter.

How Reflection Points help…

Reflection points give you breathing space and re-energize you so that you can live your moments as fully as possible.

Think of them as pauses along a mountain path.  When you’re tired and the climb feels long, pausing to reflect gives you an opportunity to take a breath.  If you round a corner and come upon a breathtaking view, a reflection point gives you a moment to fully appreciate its beauty.

Reflection points are about YOU and about staying present in your life. They give you space to reflect on what you are experiencing and what you need.

Take a moment to reflect…

Your Reflection Points are pauses that powerfully and unerringly bring you to your present moment.  And it’s in each moment that you live your life.  Remember:

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

Reflection Points reconnect you with your life, and isn’t that just where you want to be?

So, do you want to learn more about the Heart-Based Path as you move through your days?

More help staying present…

You face unique questions and are called, continually, to come up with unique solutions. So, I’m offering something to help with that today. It’s a deck of cards — 50 cards, to be exact. And it’s titled Mindful Moments: Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life. Brief and compelling, each card offers you something to think about. And each card is different.

The focus of this particular card series consolidates decades of my experience into bite-sized reflections and journal prompts. And working with these cards will help you pause, ponder, and deepen your experience. This enriches you, no matter what the world is bringing to your door.

To learn more, click this link:


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