Stillness Helps So Much at Times of Flux and Transition

Stillness in Transition
Stillness helps with transitions…

Stillness might feel like an unproductive use of time.

But, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

When you are going through transitions — like the change from summer into fall — there’s a lot to process.

You need to assimilate the change, let go of what’s gone, and move into a new place.

The other day I posted the following quotation on Twitter:

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
Elizabeth Lawrence

Making Transitions and Stillness

To me, this statement isn’t only about stillness.  It speaks to the ways in which stillness can be the base for, as well as a prelude to, meaningful movement.

As we make time to be still, we ground ourselves in the moment, in ourselves, and in our lives.  Our feet touch the earth, and we have the traction to move.

It’s during times of transition that stillness can be especially important, transformative, and sustaining. 

At this time of year, for example, the turning leaves mark the transition of our seasons from summer to autumn.  Everything around us is in a profound state of flux.

Ground Yourself in Stillness

Being still and observing the flux in the world around us gives us the space to take in what is happening and then make a conscious choice to let go. We aren’t simply swept along – we are assenting to the transition that is happening in our world and flowing with it.

And that makes a whole world of difference.

How have you let go of summer so far? 

What kinds of choices will you make today, to move ahead on your transition into fall?

Here’s more help for making transitions…

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