Stop! In the Name of Living Your Moments

Stop in the Name of Your Moments“Stop! In the Name of Love” – remember that 1965 hit by the Supremes?  I’ve got an important variation on that theme to share with you today.

It’s about finding time to “stop and smell the roses” – a piece of advice that you may also remember hearing. This saying harbors a great  deal of wisdom.  Finding time to stop is a simple and transformative time gift that you can give yourself in ANY moment.

In addition to the sheer pleasure they offer, these moments are very, practical, so don’t let yourself slough them off as “trivial” or “self-indulgent” or “unproductive.”  Though they give pleasure, these pauses have a deeper and more far-reaching meaning than “mere” enjoyment.  When you pause and connect, you can get your bearings and refocus.  Think of your stopping points as buoys marking your course as you sail through life … without them, you might easily end up lost at sea!

It can be a challenge to slow down and connect with our moments.  Even when we think we’re being self-nurturing, how fully do we experience these gifts?  Are you distracted, worried, glancing at your watch as you attempt to relax?

Here’s what the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard had to say about this:

“Most [people] pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

I certainly don’t suggest adding “Be Mindful” as another task for your To-Do List.  But what I do suggest is giving yourself a way to stop and open as fully as possible to this momentTime’s flow is steady … it doesn’t stop. Indeed, no matter what our lives hold, time doesn’t slow or stop for any of it. 

So, if we want to be present, we need to slow down and stop … time will not.


Well, here are 3 tips to use right now. They will transform your experience of time. 

  • Stop! If you are going to smell the roses, you have to STOP, so include pauses in your routine.  They needn’t be long … although the nourishment you gain is enhanced and deepened the more time you spend!  Start small and expand – the size and shape of what you do is entirely in your hands!
  • Find a “mantra” or saying that works to stop you and bring you to yourself.  It can be anything – a word, a sentence, a gesture, a visualization – whatever helps you fully stop and enter this moment.
  • Stop again – give yourself an endpoint! If you are going to be doing something like meditating, then knowing when you will stop relieves you of worries about time and helps with letting go and being present.  Use a timer so that you can really let go.

BONUS TIP:  If you are not in a place where it’s possible to take time to do this, simply taking a deep breath and using your mantra can be enough to stop and “bring you to yourself.”  The more you practice when you do have the time, the easier it becomes to give yourself this gift, even “on the fly.”

When you stop and breathe, you are connecting with yourself, your values, your moment.  There is no greater gift that you can give yourself, and you can do it while you smell the roses … or do the dishes … or anything!

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How do you stop and get your bearings?  I’d love to hear!  And let’s explore time together …

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  1. A great reminder. I am not good at stopping and have to be so aware of taking time out to “smell the roses”.

  2. “Stop in the Name of Love” was a great way to gain the attention of the readers. It is so true that we must stop in the name of love for ourselves and give ourselves time to relish in what is truly in our spaces.

    Thank you for great reminders!

  3. i loved this article. signed up for the kit. hoping to learn from it 🙂

  4. This is such a good reminder. Sometimes when I am unloading the car of groceries and scurrying into the house with them, I will stop and just look at the sky, the surrounding fields. It nurtures my soul to do this.

    • Beautifully put – and I love how accessible you make such moments for yourself. Two key kinds of nourishment – the groceries and the pause to appreciate the moment!

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