Stop Perfection Paralysis in Its Tracks — Listen to Your Inner Adult

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Don’t let perfectionism keep you from excellence.

How do you get yourself moving when what I call ‘Perfection Paralysis’ has you stuck?

Interestingly, the answer can be found in some questions.

Clear, direct questions are one of the best antidotes to perfectionism because they help you unmask the unrealistic expectations and self-critical energy that keep you stuck.

Until you deal with it, Perfection Paralysis takes a big toll. It’s a negative and debilitating time thief that:

  • Eats up large amounts of your time,
  • Inhibits your creativity,
  • Hobbles your follow-through and decision-making, and
  • Puts a big damper on your general productivity.

It also drains the pleasure from your moments, as you are much more likely to criticize than to validate yourself for anything you accomplish.

Perfectionism and Your Inner Critic

Perfection Paralysis is rooted in and fueled by your inner critic – a voice that many of us are all too familiar with.  Countering this voice with some reasonable questions (in your adult voice) is very clarifying and grounding.  Your adult questions provide you with much-needed perspective. This, in turn, gives you the traction to get moving when you’re spinning your wheels in Perfection Paralysis.

Here’s a Finding Time Tip and Action Step to try, if you’re struggling with this:

Tip: Perfection paralysis can be overcome with logical questions.

Action Step: Next time you say, “But it’s still not perfect,” ask yourself:

  • What is perfect to you?
  • What will benefit you more, perfection or overall productivity?
  • How would your project appear to an impartial observer?

Perfection Paralysis Stifles You

Being a perfectionist paralyzes your ability to move forward. You may feel like it protects you from criticism but it actually keeps you from maximizing your potential.

So, to further get at the roots of your perfectionism, try asking yourself these additional questions:

  • What are you trying to make up for by being perfect?
  • Does it cover something up? If so, what?
  • And what does it protect you from?

What patterns do you discover?

As you confront perfectionism (and its roots) with clear, direct, friendly questions, you’ll begin to see its power dissipate.

That’s because it’s illusory. You hold the power to get yourself moving.  It’s simple and doable.

This helps you strengthen your inner adult…

Perfectionism eats up the energy and undermines the confidence of countless bright, energetic, and talented people. Are you one of them?

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