Stop Your Procrastination in Its Tracks — Communication is Key


Stop your procrastination today.

If you’re ready to stop your procrastination, how do you start?

Well, let’s take a closer look at this time and energy thief.

Creating the time and space in your life to accomplish a task or work on a project can be a challenge even when you are eager to have at it.

And trying to move ahead when some part of you is not on board with the undertaking is likely to lead to procrastination and frustration much of the time.

How can you address this challenge?

Stop your procrastination…

Here are 3 ideas that will help get you the information you need to make different time choices for yourself.

Notice that all three have to do with communicating with or observing something about yourself.

1. Seeing is believing.

First, you need to have a way of knowing when you are procrastinating. Do you notice that an item keeps moving from day-to-day-to-day on your to do list without your touching it?  After day 4, you are probably procrastinating and need to take a deeper look.

2. Explore with curiosity.

Take the time to ask yourself some key questions about this item and your feelings about it. The questions may vary, but be sure to explore how you feel about accomplishing what you had planned.

Could fear of success be getting in your way?

Other helpful questions to ask include:

    • What am I waiting for?
    • When is a good time to do it?
    • How will I know it’s the right time?

3. Be open to your answers.

Listen with your full attention. Really engage with yourself.  This builds trust and helps you sustain a solid connection with yourself for the long haul. If you want to stop your procrastination it’s vital that you be in sync with yourself.

One of the people we are most likely to lose touch with, especially when life gets hectic, is ourselves.  When this happens, rebelliousness, procrastination, and other self-defeating patterns can set in and rob you of precious time.

This kind of open self-communication is key to making informed time choices and helping you stop your procrastination. So, what will be your first step, starting right now?

Want more help?

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