Stress, Aging, and Your Energy — 3 Timely Tips

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Aging and energy — your values matter.

Energy.  It’s hard to come by sometimes. But the good news is that you can replenish it.

So, does your work schedule have you stressed to the max?

Or do you feel like you’re slowing down as you age and you just can’t accomplish what you used to in a day?

Well, making time for a quick energy realignment can help you create a framework to sharpen your focus and increase your productivity, no matter what’s happening in your life. It’s time well spent because it never hurts to stop, assess, and adjust. This is especially true when you notice that you are starting to feel weighed down by daily demands.

Congruence with your values matters.

Your level of fatigue may be a sign that you’ve lost sight of how your daily choices are connected to your deepest life goals. Indeed, it’s easy to get caught up in routines and lose that thread of connection.

Once that thread is lost, you might start feeling like you “have to” go through the motions. And if, as you age, you find yourself doing things more slowly, pushing yourself harder is a set-up for even more frustration.

From there it’s just another short step into self-criticism and resentment, which is a huge waste and a monumental energy drain.

Making changes…

The good news is that you can change this for yourself. 

Staying connected to your deepest values means that you are in a position to flex your time and your expectations meaningfully. When you see and feel, in your heart and head, the connection between your time choices and your core values, you can dramatically shift your outlook and your effectiveness.

Here’s an image that helps…

Think of how you feel at a concert as the musicians tune up. The sounds seem aimless, even jarring.  Next, recall how it feels as the musicians launch into a powerful and unified performance.

See the difference?  Which image is more likely to yield the rewards that your efforts deserve?

So, how can you give yourself an energy realignment when you need it?  Here are 3 dependable tips to help you get your energy unified at the start of your day. Used in combination with an effective To Do List,  these 3 guidelines will help you build focus, momentum, and success.

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Schedule:

Prepare for this exercise by creating a To Do List for the day. Then, next to each activity, briefly describe which of your core values it supports. For example, preparing a financial analysis may help you coordinate your business strategies. Shopping for groceries can help you keep plenty of healthy food on hand.  Next, look at the big picture. Which of your values is well supported? Which needs more attention?

The following 3 tips will help you use this overview to harvest your energy, your enthusiasm, and your productivity.

  • Create a snapshot of where you deprive yourself. Your time choices can help you see where you experience the greatest level of “disconnect” in your life. Quite often, people describe that they are not funding values they say they live by with the time needed to uphold them! The more you can see this, the more motivated you become to revise your time choices accordingly.
  • Fully own your choices. It pays you – over and over, to give yourself credit. Specifying which values you support with your time choices helps dignify choices you may currently dismiss as obligatory. How much energy do you misuse by grumbling over tasks you “have to” do? That’s energy you can redirect to validating yourself for following through on commitments. An additional benefit: claiming your time choices as intentional can help you break the procrastination habit.
  • How closely do your values and your time choices match up? Do big outlays of energy yield only small benefits, while significant projects claim only insignificant amounts of time? Time is the currency of your life. The more closely you identify with the benefits your values bring, the more consistently you’ll direct your time and energy where they need to go.

More help for you…

As we all age, we notice shifts in our energy, our expectations, and our productivity.

Then comes retirement, for many. That marks another profound shift in how you spend your time.

Grounded in your own values and your own truth, retirement planning moves you into a new and exciting phase of your life. So I invite you to take a look at my Heart-Based Retirement Planner. Using it, you’ll make more satisfying plans and choices because they’ll be congruent with your values.

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