Stress, Your Energy and Your Time – Helpful Affirmations

Stress Affirmations

Stress getting to you? Affirmations help!

Stress is a fact of life.  There’s no getting around it; BUT you can develop skills for managing it.

Managing your stress well contributes a LOT to your success – and even more importantly, to the quality of your relationships, your moments … and your life!

When it comes to stress management, the use of affirmations is an important skill to include in your toolbox.  At first affirmations may not click for you, but this is definitely an area where practice makes perfect.  The more you repeat an affirmation, the more it becomes a part of your consciousness.

Your energy is greatly affected by your perspective, and that, in turn, is significantly shaped by your attitude and self-talk.  Affirmations really work!

Stress Affirmations to Try

So here are some affirmations about stress for you to try on for size.  Use what works for you – and remember, you may not feel it at first, so give it time (and repetition).

I handle all stress in a positive manner.

Stress is a fact of life, and I handle it positively.

It’s healthy to manage my stress positively.

I reduce my overwhelm by dealing with the cause of my stress.

By dealing with my stress positively I make myself stronger.

I create a positive attitude within myself through affirmative thinking.

I feel a sense of confidence because I know I manage what comes my way.

I give myself the time, patience, energy, and tools necessary to manage stressful situations.

I have the ability to use positive, healthy coping skills to deal with the challenges in my life.

I know how to handle stressful situations in a positive, peaceful manner.

Today I use positive thinking to reduce feelings of overwhelm.

I focus on my successes. Doing this helps me react positively.

Questions: Your Stress Profile

To give yourself a leg up on stress, it helps to develop a clear sense of what creates stress for you. Then you are able to plan for those situations and give yourself what you need even more quickly.  This not only affects your energy, but it saves you a LOT of time!

So consider these questions to help zero in on your own, unique, stress profile:

  • What is the greatest source of stress in your life?
  • What will you do about it today?
  • How will you use affirmations and positive thinking techniques to help you deal with stress?
  • What particular tools will you use to manage stress positively?

De-Stress for Time Success

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