Stress and You: Manage It, Free Yourself, and Find Time!

Stress and YouStress is part of everyone’s life and work. Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, run your own business, or work for someone else, managing your work stress can be a challenge.

And the better you manage that stress, the more productive you’ll be – and the happier and  more satisfied and confident you’ll feel – in all facets of your life. So, while stress is a part of life, it doesn’t have to be in charge – not by a long shot!

Stress and You: Where is It Coming From?

The first step in managing your stress is identifying its source. Taking work stress, for example, it usually falls into any one of four categories:

  • Overload/overwhelm,
  • Challenging co-workers,
  • A very demanding or unreasonable boss or supervisor, or
  • Anxiety generated by financial worries and/or uncertain economic times

While the list may itself feel overwhelming, the good news is that there really are things that you can do to relieve these stressors. Not only that, but many of them are things that you can implement right away for yourself.

So, let’s look at work overload to start.

Stress from Overload

When you feel overwhelmed start to address this stress by scanning your schedule.

  • Can you change your routine or rearrange something to find more time to get the job done?
  • Are there tasks you can eliminate temporarily?
  • Or could someone else pick them up for you?

Making even small, proactive changes eases things considerably. If you continue to feel swamped and have a boss, speak to him or her.

Communication is key, both for working things out and as another stress reliever. Simply sharing your feeling may open you to new possibilities.

Stress Stemming from Difficult Co-Workers

Well, there are difficult people in all walks of life, so this is something you’re likely to face no matter what. But, you don’t have to let it stress you out.

One thing you can try is confronting the issue directly. Sometimes the results will be a pleasant surprise!

But, if the problem continues and you can’t ignore it, another possible solution would be to ask to be moved to a different department or area.

A third  option is to not respond or engage around the problem behavior, but try to connect in some other way. You can’t control how the person will respond, but no matter what happens, you are taking care of yourself and reducing your stress.

How About Stress from a Very Demanding Boss?

First, remember, your boss is your boss. Confrontation is probably unwise; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t try talking.

Schedule a meeting and, before it happens, spend some time writing out your thoughts. This in itself relieves your stress because you feel clear and prepared. It will also help you state your case and stay on topic.

Don’t come across as blaming or condescending. Remember that your power lies in how you respond; but your boss does have very real power over your employment. If speaking your mind doesn’t have the impact you’d hoped for, you’ll need to let it go. Work to find the positive learning embedded in this experience. Let yourself be guided by your steadiness and discipline.

Anxiety About Finances and the Future Fuels Stress

Probably the biggest cause of stress these days is uncertainty about these tough economic times. There are no guarantees and that’s hard to live with! So, how can you cope?

  • Be proactive and start preparing for the future.
  • This might mean learning a new skill or trade.
  • Maybe it could involve starting an on-line business or exploring saleable talents you might have.

Research and planning can relieve stress about the future, as well as opening up doors you might not have imagined!

And one bonus tip about stress …

No matter what is causing your stress, working out regularly is an excellent way to release energy and relieve overwhelm, frustration, and anxiety. You don’t have to belong to a gym. You can find ways to work out anywhere. The benefits are pretty immediate and have far-reaching impact.

Exercise is a powerful stress-buster and is well worth the investment of time that it takes!

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  1. I have a lot of stress and find it hard to manage at times. Your post was full of information that I think will be very helpful to me. Thanks for posting.

  2. Kristen from The Road to Domestication says

    Awesome post! I was SO stressed out yesterday, and I felt MUCH better after a quick workout, you’re right! I normally pass up the workout because I feel like I don’t have time for it, but it really does help clear the head and make you feel empowered!

    • Hi Kristen – I couldn’t agree more. Making time to do whatever helps YOU is well worth it, no matter what. But it’s probably our greatest challenge when under stress – making the CHOICE to make the time. Congratulations on taking care of yourself!

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