Stressed to the Max? Step into Sacred Time to Deepen into Quiet

stress and sacred time

You have choices about your stress…

Do you feel like you’re drowning in stress?

Well, strong time, or sacred time, offers an experience of your moments that is qualitatively different than everyday time.

Different and deeper.

When you are living with lots of stress, whatever its source, that not only affects your productivity and health.  It also affects the quality of your experience of time.

It affects how your moments feel and that, in turn, affects your perspective, your time choices, and your overall quality of life.

To use a seasonal metaphor, at least for those of us here in New Hampshire, stress always snowballs.

Sacred Time and Stress

There is something you can do about this snow-balling stress, though.  It’s a time choice you can make, in each moment, to deepen and enhance your experience of time.

The choice might feel counter-intuitive in the moment, because it involves slowing down when your stress is telling you to speed up. But the thing is, stress doesn’t need to be in the driver’s seat, ever. You always have choices.

So, how can you turn this around for yourself?

The solution is to stop and seek out silence.  Truly, it takes but a moment, and when you do this, you are taking a step into sacred or strong time. And this, in turn, enlarges and deepens your experience of time and, by extension, of yourself.

Stepping into strong time helps you connect with the deepest wellsprings of any moment.  Among other things, it stops snowballing stress right in its tracks!  That, alone, enhances your daily experience immensely.

So, how do you cope with the snowballing stresses in your life?  Is strong or sacred time something that you’ve experienced?  I’d love to hear…

And what if you could find another hour every day?

You know, you actually can.

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