Stressed About Thanksgiving? Gratitude Expands and Energizes. Enjoy!


Thanksgiving gratitude energizes abundantly.

Are you looking ahead to a warm and happy Thanksgiving?

Well, a quick survey of my Facebook and Twitter friends reflects some pre-Holiday excitement and anticipation

And I’m also seeing some stress.

So how are you feeling about the coming days? Are you wondering how you’ll find the time to do everything that needs to be done before the guests arrive? Or are you worried about how your travel plans will go?

There’s a lot on everyone’s plate at this time of year (with apologies for the irresistible pun).

Thanksgiving excitement and stress…

Indeed, in households all around the USA, preparations are underway.

  • We’re pulling favorite family recipes out of files and dog-eared cookbooks.
  • Oh, and we’re crowding grocery stores and train stations and airports.
  • And many of us are retrieving fancy linens from attic storage to grace holiday tables.

Uncertainty makes things harder…

The uncertainties in our world may present particular challenges this holiday time. These may leave us all feeling more concerned about the costs of things, of course.

Planning for the future becomes more difficult and fraught with worry.  So, now we may be inclined to carefully consider choices that we might have made much more lightly in previous years.

But neither stress nor uncertainty needs to ruin your Thanksgiving experience.

Gratitude energizes…

The energy of gratitude always moves you into a frame of abundance and appreciation.

The uncertainty of the times doesn’t have to just make you nervous. It can also make you more thankful for the many gifts in your life.

Taking in the fact that good fortune is not a “given” helps you more fully experience the preciousness of your gifts.

Approaching your life days with an attitude of gratitude profoundly affects your perspective and your energy. That, in turn, affects everything.

How are you doing?

So, as you prepare for your Thanksgiving holiday, what energy do you bring to it?  And how does that energy affect or change your time priorities?

Ask yourself what you can do to enhance the preciousness of each moment with a heightened awareness of its uniqueness and fragility.

So here’s to your warm experience of this special time.

Let’s explore time together …

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