Strong Time: 3 Markers for Your Heart-Based Journey

Path in the woods

Strong time: Find your own, unique path!

In our last post we explored the concept of Strong Time and the profoundly different experience of time (and of yourself) that it offers.

Remember, the most powerful promise of the Heart-Based Time Management™ System is about opening up to yourself and your own unexplored potential.

When you are in sync with yourself you experience a combination of peacefulness and empowerment that is quite profound.  And this deep connection is one that is nurtured and sustained in Strong Time.

So I want to share 3 Markers to guide you in your Heart-Based Journey into Strong Time:

  1. Open yourself to what your best and deepest experience of time feels like. Relax into this, and start by asking yourself these three questions:
  • Where are you right now, in this moment? Breathe deeply and let your answer come to you.
  • What does your peaceful place look like? Describe as many details as float to the surface.
  • What is the path that you take to get there? Feel your way. How do you find it?

When you let yourself enter and fully live in your present moment, you are connecting with yourself in Strong Time.  This is a deep encounter, at once integrating and renewing.  Anyone can experience it.  Strong Time is not something you strive for; it’s a capacity you cultivate.  And remember, it’s cyclic – you can always re-turn to Strong Time – when you choose!

  1. Cultivate habits and activities that move you into Strong Time. Strong Time is not about duration.  Depth is what it is always (and simply) about. Your path into Strong Time is yours alone, and while you can always re-turn, the path is unique each time you travel it. Maybe it’s quiet solitude that you find restorative.  Or perhaps exploring nature, creating art, or running offers you the opening to return to yourself in Strong Time.  Just remember, there is no right path – there is only your path. So, how do you access Strong Time?  Well, here are some ideas to help you swing the door open!
  • Take time to turn inward. Breathe in and out, empty your mind, and deeply relax.
  • Open your heart to compassion. Let it expand and soften your perspective.
  • Don’t worry about “doing” – just BE. As thoughts come, simply let them pass through you as you appreciate yourself as you are – just for being you.
  1. Give yourself the time and the space for Strong Time in your day. Since we live the bulk of our lives, each and every day, in Profane Time, it’s fundamentally important to reserve places in your schedule for opening to Strong Time.  As you know so well, finding time is always going to be a challenge, so creating time boundaries to make sure you give yourself this gift is crucial.
  • Your path is always going to be unique to you; but having the time and space to find the path is an absolute must!  So, for example, you might set aside time on a daily basis for a personal ritual to invite Strong Time into your life.  If doing this every day isn’t realistic, pick a frequency that works for you.

And remember, it’s not about duration but about depth.  A simple activity like pausing to listen to the rain dripping off the leaves can create an opening to Strong Time.  And the truly remarkable thing is that wherever and whenever you open to Strong Time, you expand your experience of time, of yourself, and of everything that touches this particular moment in your life.

So, how can you schedule some time today to start exploring your path to Strong Time?  I invite you to let yourself feel your deepest integration, peace, and personal power.

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