Strong Time, Sacred Time, The Holidays, and Your Energy

Mountain sacred time

Sacred time: slow down to open to it.

Have you heard of Strong Time?

Sacred Time?

Fully experiencing life’s precious moments is really what these terms describe. It’s an aspect of time that touches our hearts profoundly, and it’s an experience that can be difficult to come by.

In many ways, that’s because Strong or Sacred Time isn’t a goal you strive to attain. Rather, it’s an element of depth that you slow down and open to.

The holidays offer a good example of the challenge.  So often this is a time of year that’s extremely busy.  And what happens, all too often, is that the real gifts of the season get lost in all the wrapping paper.

Strong Time and Sacred Time

In Mircea Eliade’s book titled The Sacred and the Profane he describes the different qualities of time that we experience in our lives.  He proposes two categories of time – the sacred and the profane.

Sacred time is also called “strong time” and it is described as more “real” than profane time.  Profane time is linear and goal-oriented. We do things in profane time. We accomplish tasks and get things done. Profane time is necessary to our existence. And yet, it is very different from the experience of depth that is associated with sacred time.

Pause and find deeper meaning…

Anything that causes us to pause and contemplate offers an opportunity to connect with sacred time.  When we slow down we open to the possibility of connecting with the deepest experience of a moment.

Strong or Sacred Time is not about quantities of time but about depth of experience.  It’s the essence of heart-based time management.

Accessing Sacred Time often involves some form of tradition or ritual. These might be family rituals, rituals involving religious traditions, or simple, personal practices, like meditation. The common thread that these rituals share is that they connect you with your heart and the deepest parts of your life.

My wish for you…

As we all experience the holidays in our various corners of the world, my wish for you is that your moments are full and warm.

And I hope you give yourself the gift of some strong time along the way.

Let’s explore time together …



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