Transitions, Tech Tips and Strong Time — 3 Top Posts to Revisit and Savor

Transitions are all about letting go of one thing and taking hold of another. And it’s the time in-between where so much of the learning takes place. So, how you manage your transitions offers powerful hints what will happen next. In fact, you could say that it defines what happens next. Do you review, savor,…

Strong Time: 3 Markers for Your Heart-Based Journey

In our last post we explored the concept of Strong Time and the profoundly different experience of time (and of yourself) that it offers. Remember, the most powerful promise of the Heart-Based Time Management™ System is about opening up to yourself and your own unexplored potential.

Deepen into Strong Time for Heart-Based Peace and Calm

Strong Time is a powerful concept that has its roots in the early 20th century.  First described by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim, the core ideas about strong time were then expanded upon by the 

Time Wisdom-Find Yours Inside, and Find More Time

Time wisdom is your most precious treasure when it comes to time management. In today’s world, it’s easy to get so caught up in doing that we gradually lose touch with being. And when that happens, our energy, efficiency and effectiveness are all negatively affected.  That’s because 

Rituals Revitalize, Deepen and Expand Your Energy and Time!

Rituals are a vital part of our human experience.  They can be similar to routines, in that they are repeatable.  But rituals are significantly different in the element of depth that they add to our moments.  Rituals introduce strong time to

Find Time for 3 Important Holiday Reminders!

Finding time for what matters most is a challenge year ’round – and can be even more daunting during the holiday season. Here are 3 pieces of helpful advice for this very special time of year: My friend and colleague Wendy Battles, The Clean Eating Coach, advises pacing ourselves in her post titled Make Your…

Find Time to Tweet AND Avoid Twitter Time Traps

Twitter, as many of you already know, can be both a great social networking and marketing tool AND a huge time trap. If you lose focus you can lose lots and lots of precious time on Twitter.  Likewise, if you are looking to procrastinate, Twitter can be a mammoth temptation and time drain.  So, how…