Stuck in a Rut? Freshen Tasks with Mindfulness to Find Time!

Stuck in a rutFeeling stuck in a rut is no fun.  It saps your energy and drains the color and vibrancy from your moments.

And yet it’s important to know that feeling stuck in a rut isn’t a fact of life or a true reflection of reality.  No, it’s a choice we make – and a choice we  can change!

The truth is that you can transform your time whenever you choose to.  That’s some serious power – and you hold it right in your hands, every moment of your life!

Let’s think about ruts for a second.  One of the key ingredients in a rut, I think, is that it involves repetition.  But, then, what is the difference between a rut and a routine?  Or, expanding even further, what’s the difference between a rut, a routine and a ritual?

It’s interesting to realize that the exact same activity could meet the definition of a rut, a routine, or a ritual.  Consider the act of making dinner – and three different perspectives on it.

Stuck in a Rut?

I bet each of us has felt stuck in a rut about meal preparation once or twice through the years.  Am I right?  You feel drained and devoid of ideas.  Maybe you feel resentful about or victimized by the task. Each mealtime looms like a giant hurdle.

Routine’s Regular Rhythm

But then think about times when you’re in a rhythm in your life. Dinner planning and preparation is a normal and rich part of your daily tasks.  You feel efficient and successful, and making dinner doesn’t require inordinate thought or energy.  You don’t mind it – it’s just a normal and necessary part of nurturing yourself and those you love.

Rituals are Special

Then there are the times when meal preparation is a ritual.  This might often be a meal that is part of a special occasion.  There may be elements that have become traditions through the years.  The activity is imbued with heightened meaning and made deeper and richer because of the memories it evokes.

Stuck in a Rut – Step Out of It Mindfully!

When you feel stuck in a rut, the first step is to acknowledge that this is a FEELING you have about reality, not reality itself.  Once you’ve done this, the rest actually becomes quite easy, because you’ve owned your power!

Next, explore some ideas for shifting your perspective.  They might include things like approaching the task as if you are doing it for the very first time — or maybe for the last time.

In effect, what you are doing is introducing mindfulness to your situation.  You simply can’t be stuck in a rut when you are living mindfully. You are choosing a radical shift of perspective that opens new doors and transforms your time!

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