Subscribers – How to Add Lots of Them in No Time!


Subscribers-how to get lots of them!

Subscribers are the life blood of any on-line business – or maybe any business in our increasingly plugged in and linked in world!

So, if you’re a small business owner, coach or entrepreneur you and/or your team are probably engaged in list-building activities for some portion of your day on most days. It’s simply the reality  of doing business today!

And how often do you feel discouraged?

Are there times when you wonder if there’s anyone out there reading and benefiting from the great material that you produce?

Thinking about all of this, I was very interested to read Sandy Martini’s recent post describing “How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Subscribers.”  (And yes, I am a long-time subscriber to everything put out by Sandy and the Martini Consulting Group. If you’re looking for practical, actionable advice for jump-starting your business I can’t recommend her work highly enough!)

So Sandy’s post references a comprehensive infographic created by Neil Patel on Quicksprout that is worth taking the time to review. And to save some time, he lists out a few of the take-aways, before you even dive into the infographic. Here they are:

  • Quick Win – posts with content that helps your readers accomplish something is considered a “quick win”. For example, this post breaks down how you can get 1,000 visitors to your blog… in essence, that’s the quick win for you.
  • Welcome gate – it is sort of an interstitial. Think of Groupon, in which you have to put in your name and email to see the content.
  • Qualaroo – it’s a survey tool and within you can collect emails instead of surveying your audience.
  • Squeeze page – it’s a page where you only have one goal… typically to collect an email. In which you are trying to get your visitors to enter in their email or leave.
  • Confirmation page – having double opt in decreases the number of emails you collect. If you want to use one, tell your subscribers to visit their inbox and click the confirmation link.
  • Comment check box – you can actually add a check box to your comment box to get more subscribers. Look for the subscribe to comments plugin.
  • Popup – by using Bounce Exchange or Opt In Monster you can create popups that collect emails.

How many of the ideas listed there are things you are already doing? How many look intriguing?

There’s a lot there that you can implement without too much trouble.

So here’s an idea: Why not select one new action item from the infographic and find time to launch it, starting on October 1?

Let us know what you’ve chosen to implement, track your results, and then tell us how you’re doing as things unfold.

This is an excellent way to infuse new energy into your business – and sharing the results helps us all learn and expand our on-line repertoire.

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