Success Key: Support Your Resolutions with Heart-Based Intentions

heart-based success tree

Success = Head + Heart

Success comes when your head and heart are in sync.

That’s especially true when it comes to something like New Year’s Resolutions.

So now that a week has gone by, how are you doing with yours?

Your resolutions, I mean.

Are you finding success, or is frustration starting to settle in?

Success starts with seeing.

How do you see your resolutions this year?  Do they look like a list of “shoulds” or are they a roadmap for your journey toward your dreams?

Is your heart in your resolutions, or do they feel more like things you are ‘supposed’ to want to do?

Well, making a new beginning is always a refreshing and grounding exercise.  And if you want to experience success, then make sure that your goals and resolutions are both realistic and Heart-Based. That means that your goals are reachable and they reflect aspirations that you’ve embraced as positive and important for you.  You see them as truly yours.

Your intentions are key.

So, when it comes to finding success, your intentions are key. They are your big dreams and aspirations. On their face, they may not look absolutely realistic. That’s okay. What’s important here is that you do believe you can get there AND they connect powerfully with your heart.

An example might be something like moving from an off-line 9-5 job to creating your own online business. It’s a BIG aspiration, but not impossible. And if it’s something that makes your heart sing, then it’s an intention that will fuel your efforts through the coming weeks and months.

Don’t forget about chunking.

Once your intention is clear to you, start thinking about how you’ll get there.

It’s very important that you don’t engage with this part of the process too early because worries about the ‘how’ might keep you from letting your intention soar. But once it’s clear, your next step is to break it into doable pieces.

Then, reframe these pieces as resolutions or stepping stones that will move you toward your aspirations.

Affirm your success with the present tense.

Write your intentions down affirmatively and be sure to use the present tense. Post them around the house where you will see them.

Doing this invites your aspirations to become realities and keeps them closely connected to your heart. Statements like “My new online business thrives.” and “I connect with new friends and followers on Facebook every day.” are affirmations of both your goals and of your steps toward realizing them.

And, of course, writing this down serves as a helpful reminder, too.

These simple tips that can make all the difference, as you claim heart-based success for yourself right here and right now.

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