Sudden Change? Adapt, Stay on Track, and Find Time!

Snow Sudden Change

Welcoming change – even sudden change – really helps!

Sudden change was the watchword here in the Northeast US over the recent Thanksgiving Holiday.  Power outages, canceled flights, and treacherous roads made for lots of challenges and opportunities to adapt on the fly!

Heart-based time management is all about finding time, increasing productivity, and deepening your experience of each and every moment. But what happens when sudden change enters the  scene and disrupts your carefully laid plans?

Well, consider this:  The more you plan for change, the less you need to change your plans.

Plan for change?  Well, yes! A key element in successful time management is cultivating openness to change – because life is always bigger than our plans.

But quite often, time management systems are static and linear. This leads to plans built on false assumptions about life’s predictability. And predictability feels safe. So the idea of planning for change might seem foreign or even disturbing. You may not want to take in the fact that you are living and working within a world in constant transition.

While it may be human nature to resent new and shifting demands, the good news is that you blossom and thrive when challenges are embraced rather than shied away from (more on that in tomorrow’s post, too)!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin

5 Timely Tips for Embracing Sudden Change So It Doesn’t Derail You

  • The more you accept change as a constant, the more prepared you are. The more prepared you are, the more productive you are.
  • Expecting change keeps you alert and interested. Resistance makes you inflexible and creates stress. Your efficiency, effectiveness and energy increase when you engage with curiosity.
  • Genuinely accepting the inevitability of change helps you embrace reality and open to the gains and opportunities that emerge.
  • When you focus and work to welcome change your confidence in your skills grows. You choose to allow times of change to foster growth and positive turning points in your life.
  • Accepting the limits of your control helps you focus on what you can change. That means that you invest your efforts and energies where your power lies – a wonderfully efficient way to use your time!

Bonus Tip: You may be tempted to pursue routines that turn into ruts. Just remember that, while routine is not necessarily a bad thing, those who excel not only accept life’s ongoing changes – they capitalize on those changes.

What is your next step in making the most of change – and yes, even sudden change – as you continue your heart-based journey through time?

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