Sudden Change Doesn’t Have to Throw You

Sudden change-shocked man

Sudden change is an unwelcome visitor, but you CAN cope …

Sudden change is a time challenge that many of us dread.

Indeed, finding time to deal with disaster is not a subject that we relish thinking about – let alone writing about. But it’s something we all need to be prepared for. And as you develop skills, you’ll come to see that there are quite a few ways that  you can support yourself when confronted with sudden change.

Sudden Change- First, Step Back

One fundamental coping strategy is to take a step back.

Give yourself time to let your feelings out about whatever has occurred. You’ll notice I didn’t say “explore”, but “let out”. You will be able to take time to explore after your situation is stabilized. In the heat of the moment, however, it is important to just “take the top off” in a safe setting.

Taking the time to do this will help you think as clearly as possible while deciding on a course of action. Then, you can return to your problem solving capabilities with more clarity, affirming to yourself that you’ll meet whatever challenges arise.

Next, Assess, Plan, Implement – and Keep Venting

Sudden change is very disorienting. You may feel shock and disbelief. Anger and sadness are also likely to come up. In the midst of that, you need to start formulating plans to address what has occurred and then begin implementation.

Assess the situation, and then immediately address emergent challenges and problems. In other words, mitigate the damage as best you can, and prepare for whatever the next step might be.

It is remarkably helpful to open yourself to the process of unfolding change.  Don’t fight the shift of your focus to what lies straight ahead.  Let it be, and know that as time moves forward, your vista will widen.

It’s a process – and an unfamiliar, unanticipated one, at that! Throughout the process, you’ll need to find ways to safely vent feelings of frustration and loss that will muddy the waters if left to fester.

Sudden Change and Gratitude

In the midst of turmoil and unexpected change, there are always things to be grateful for. It is vital to affirm these as touchstones.

Reflecting on what you are grateful for creates a nourishing base of sustenance and positive energy.

Disruptions are never easy to cope with, be they small or large. If you like to be proactive and do a lot of planning (as I do), the unexpected can be an especially unwelcome visitor! While any change can be disorienting, those that surprise you are doubly so.

  • With each moment, the impact and ramifications of the change you are experiencing will be felt, like ripples on water.
  • With each moment you will have new challenges and opportunities to respond to.
  • And with each choice you make, you shape the next moment.

Sudden change can feel like it is a single event in time – but really, that event is just the start of a moment-by-moment evolution that can take you in directions that you might never have imagined.  Remaining as open as you can to this process is a wonderful gift you can give yourself!

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