Sudden Change? This Helps Keep You in Charge No Matter What.

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Sudden change doesn’t have to throw you off course.

Finding time and maintaining focus and discipline when world or life events are pressing is often very challenging.

How successful do you feel at keeping your core values in mind and managing your priorities when you are confronted with sudden change?

Crises and sudden change shake things up.

Most of us feel comfortable when we know what is most important for us to do and why we are doing it.

But without warning, plans, priorities, and patterns, can be sent flying in all directions. Suddenly your normal choices are no longer relevant or realistic.

In addition, sudden change stirs up emotions that can cloud your ability to think clearly and make wise decisions. All your priorities and established tasks now take a back seat to the immediate, unanticipated, often unknown choices you must make about how to use your time.

Life’s unpredictability blindsides you if you don’t expect the unexpected.

To choose wisely, even in troubled times, you need to learn to plan for the possibility of sudden change.

When you’re prepared, unexpected events may still bump you off course. But you’ll be able to respond more effectively and steer your life back on track more quickly.


Sudden change? Try this to start…

As a first step, consider two sudden changes that could easily occur in anyone’s life. Sudden illness could be one, and the loss of your job could be the second.  (I’m not suggesting you create fears and worries for yourself. Use this, rather, to stay aware of how you use your time now, and what is most important to you.)

  • In a general way, explore some adjustments you could make quickly, in these circumstances, if life demanded it.
  • Use techniques such as visualization, staying fully aware of your personal boundaries and recognizing basic tasks that need to get done every day.
  • Be as specific and as concrete as possible.  You will be amazed at what you see!

Know yourself. 

This kind of exercise helps to clearly re-establish your personal relationship with your time, your priorities, and your values.  From that place of clarity, you can then create effective options for managing your time choices when faced with ANY sudden change.

Remember, your relationship with time is not simply about becoming more efficient. It is about knowing yourself, your priorities, and your core values.

So now reflect on the kinds of sudden changes you’ve experienced in your life.

  • How did you navigate them?
  • What might you want to change?

I’d love to hear your experiences.

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