Sudden Change – One Powerful Timely Tip

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Sudden change got you? This tip will help!

Sudden change is a reality of life – and it’s one that we’d mostly like to deny.

After all, change itself is challenging – and when it arrives unexpectedly on our doorstep, it’s even more disruptive and disorienting.

In last week’s post titled  Sudden Change Doesn’t Have to Throw You we made a deep dive into the phenomenon of sudden change. We shared some options you have for coping with it — and for even coming around to seeing the gifts embedded in the unexpected.

Sudden change can feel like it is a single event in time – but really, that event is just the start of a moment-by-moment evolution that can take you in directions that you might never have imagined. Remaining as open as you can to this process is a wonderful gift you can give yourself!

So now I’d like to follow up on that post with a practical Tip and Action Step that you can add to your sudden change toolbox.

Sudden Change Tip and Action Step


Disruptions narrow your field of vision.

At the onset of sudden change, your perspective will shorten significantly. Your plans and priorities may be completely disrupted by the new challenge you face.

As a result, your focus will narrow from planning for the coming year to planning for the next moment.  This is normal, and actually helps you to zero in on essentials.


Focus on what’s just ahead of you, with brief glances around to retain the big picture.

Let your current challenge take center stage. As you accustom yourself to the new landscape, you’ll discern new paths. Then your plans will be enriched by fresh insights and broader perspective.

Also, jot down your revised priorities. This helps to ensure that nothing important slips through the cracks day-to-day.


Often sudden change requires that you change, as well. In order to grow to meet your challenge, you must prepare a welcoming inner environment.

As you align your energies to address the work at hand, you can better assess what you can do and what is no longer a possibility. Be patient with yourself. Accept that this may take time, depending on the enormity of the situation.

Brainstorming lists of possible next steps can ease your mind and quiet your fears. And after you’ve listed all your possibilities, begin to prioritize. As you do this, you are both focusing and planning.

What past approaches still apply to your current circumstances? Use what’s available, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

“Change always comes bearing gifts.”
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Do what you can to keep your feet on the ground and eyes forward-looking. Embrace your potential by bringing your very best self to this moment in time.

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