Sudden Change? This Helps Keep You in Charge No Matter What.

Finding time and maintaining focus and discipline when world or life events are pressing is often very challenging. How successful do you feel at keeping your core values in mind and managing your priorities when you are confronted with sudden change? Crises and sudden change shake things up. Most of us feel comfortable when we…

Focused or Rigid? 3 Essential Steps for Flexible Focus

Being focused is a powerful feeling. Have you experienced it? Focusing on a project, right up to its successful completion is just wonderful. You feel carried forward by the flow of your concentration. And your confidence grows as you stay on track. But rigidity is another matter entirely. Fear-based and destructive, rigidity comes to the fore when you want…

Reader’s Choice – Priority-Setting, Perfectionism and Other Time Tips

Priority-setting was a subject that many of you were drawn to last month. Did you see this post “Find Time to Set Wise Priorities Using the 3/3/3 Exercise”? Well, it’s got some very timely tips for you – especially as we move into a new month.

Sudden Change — 3 More Timely Tips for Finding Time

When sudden change invades, you’re thrown off-balance. It’s a fact of life. So when this happens, recognizing what’s taking place is key. You can’t move ahead until you know where you are and accept that new reality. Sudden change is disorienting. So while you may not know all the details or ramifications 

Move Through Sudden Change with These Timely Tips

Like a thunderstorm, sudden change can arrive out of the blue with lightning and high winds that spin your day off its axis. When that happens, how do you get your feet back on the ground? We explored helpful tools for dealing with this time challenge in our recent post titled Sudden Change Doesn’t Have to Throw You,…

OMG, We Have to Move – Paula, Help!

Our posts about sudden change have yielded quite a few questions and what I’ll call “OMG e-mails” from readers who have been thrown off-balance by sudden changes in their lives. So I thought I’d share one here. This is from Theresa in Chicago, and she has an immediate 

Sudden Change – One Powerful Timely Tip

Sudden change is a reality of life – and it’s one that we’d mostly like to deny. After all, change itself is challenging – and when it arrives unexpectedly on our doorstep, it’s even more disruptive and disorienting. In last week’s post titled