SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is One Smart Cookie!


SwiftKey makes texting easy!

The SwiftKey keyboard was released in beta this time last year and is now available on Google Play for texting.

It’s free, and if you’re an Android user who relies on texting to any degree, you may want to take a look. Why? Because this tool looks like it can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of your typing.

That means less time texting and more time for what for what matters most!

What Does SwiftKey Do?

SwiftKey uses what it calls a “neural network” keyboard. This reduces your typing time because the keyboard makes increasingly accurate predictions about what you are likely to type next.

What’s special about the ‘neural network’? It enables this tool to look at the context of what you’re typing to offer its suggestions. Not only that, but it learns your writing style. So, the more you use it, the more accurate it will be in its predictions.

SwiftKey – Where to Get It

You can download this free tool at the Google Play Store by clicking HERE.

This keyboard looks at your frequently used words and also considers context and sentence structure to offer you the most appropriate prediction or auto-correction based on what you are typing.

You’ll find an in-depth exploration of how this keyboard works on the SwiftKey blog. And for a quicker overview, check out this video:

Connecting SwiftKey to your e-mail and social accounts will enable it to learn your style more quickly, but if you are concerned about that, it’s not required that you do so. The tool is highly customizable and, in short, it looks like a winner to us here at The Time Finder.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with SwiftKey, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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