Nurturing Yourself – It’s Your Top Job!

Nurturing yourself is the #1 thing you can do to insure your time success. And yet, for many smart, busy people — women especially — it tends to be way down at the bottom of your priorities. Last week I wrote about learning to set aside scarcity and live in abundant time. Today I’m digging…

Curiosity Expands Your Possibilities AND Your Time!

Curiosity is NOT dangerous – any cat will tell you so! And curiosity is not a character trait that you’re born with — it’s a skill you develop and nourish. Last but not least, curiosity, as an approach to your time and your life, is a skill that enhances your sense of abundance and 

Abundant Time – Live Fully and Claim Your Dreams

Abundant time or scarce time – maybe it’s up to you to decide! While time is concrete and limited – after all, we each have the same 24-hours every day. how you view your time is a choice you make in each moment. So is your time abundant or constricted and limited?