Your Acceptance Opens You to New Possibilities, No Matter What

Your acceptance of whatever comes your way is a powerful base for your action. It opens you to what’s possible, so you can navigate change successfully. Indeed, your acceptance of the things that you cannot change is one of the fundamental principles of 12-Step Programs. And it is also a key ingredient in making wise…

Learning from Mistakes — How Every Experience Offers You Lessons

Learning from mistakes isn’t something that gets talked about a lot in time management circles. And that has always puzzled me. After all, why not put your mistakes to work for you?  For one thing, that would mean that none of your time was ever ‘wasted.’ The idea of learning from mistakes is a little…

Acceptance is Your Powerful Key to Time Transformation

Acceptance is one of the fundamental principles of 12-Step Programs and a key ingredient in making wise, well-grounded, and transformative time choices. Many know this concept through its expression in what has come to be known as The Serenity Prayer: Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things…

Mindful Gifts of Transition Times-3 Timely Tips

Transitions are challenging; however, the mindful navigation of transitions spins those challenges into profound gifts. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of your feelings and your needs as you move through life transitions.  And I don’t mean just the 

On-Line and Losing Time? Use Time Plans and Boundaries to Find Time

On-line activities take up more and more of everyone’s time these days. Whether you go on-line as part of your business and marketing plan, or simply use 

Everplans – Planning at Its Hardest and Most Meaningful

Everplans is a service that offers tools for planning what to do and where to keep important information that your loved ones will need access to after you have died. Memorial Day certainly brings to mind, very poignantly, the necessity for such planning. 

Reducing Stress in Your Home to Find More Time!

Reducing stress in your home is one surefire way to find more energy and time in your life.   That’s because stress is a huge drain on your mind, body and spirit.  It depletes your energy and has a profound effect on how you relate to your time.  And so it makes sense that reducing…