Actionable Steps: Your Key for Accomplishing Your Goals

Setting goals with actionable steps opens up all kinds of doors. And creating and managing your to-do lists so that they break your tasks into small chunks that don’t overwhelm you is really worth the upfront investment.  Creating actionable steps for your goals and tasks takes practice and commitment. No one system is going to…

Productivity Boosts: Try This Tip and Tool for Finding Time

Productivity is on many people’s minds when Monday rolls around. How do you enter the new week? Do you set aside time to review your plans and to-do lists?  Do you move ahead planfully to maximize your productivity – or do you jump right in and sort things out later?

Verbs are Important-Find the Right One and Find Time!

Verbs are important!  Who’s the last person that uttered  that phrase to you? I’m guessing it may have been a long-ago teacher, extolling the virtues of action verbs and encouraging you to make your writing more vivid and engaging. Other than that late-elementary-school 

Lower Your Stress and Transform Your Time

When you lower your stress you enhance your energy, expand your perspective, and transform your time.   For most of us, the hustle, bustle, and challenges of everyday life are making our stress levels inch up each day.  Yet, there are ways to step away 

Find Time for the Top 5 Time Finder Favorites for March

Finding time to savor the posts that were the favorites for Time Finder readers last month is one of the ways I always greet the new month. It lets me look back and get a better sense of what you are looking for, as I plan posts for the coming month.  And it’s also an…

Find Time to Chunk Your Tasks and Stop Procrastinating Today!

Finding time to stop procrastinating is one of the best time management skills that you can ever develop for yourself.  And it’s a challenge for all of us. It doesn’t do you much good to let your inner critic try to goad you into action when you find yourself procrastinating. In fact, this often leads…

Get to Your Goals the Flexible Way-3 Time Tips!

Finding time to create and get to your goals while being flexible might sound like a contradiction.  But you know what?   It doesn’t have to be.  In fact, I would say that flexibility is key to attaining your goals AND setting goals can actually help you develop your flexibility. The following tips will enable…