Stop Perfection Paralysis in Its Tracks — Listen to Your Inner Adult

How do you get yourself moving when what I call ‘Perfection Paralysis’ has you stuck? Interestingly, the answer can be found in some questions. Clear, direct questions are one of the best antidotes to perfectionism because they help you unmask the unrealistic expectations and self-critical energy that keep you stuck. Until you deal with it, Perfection…

Stuck? Scared? Turn Toward Trouble and Find Time!

When you’re stuck, scared or just plain stymied, the temptation is to turn (or run) away from whatever you perceive as the problem.  It’s instinctual – a knee jerk reaction that may have saved us back when dinosaurs wandered the earth. But it often doesn’t serve us now.  In fact, in many cases it’s about…

Your Inner Critic-Recognizing and Countering This Negative Voice

The inner critic … are you familiar with yours? We all have voices that chatter in our heads throughout the day – and the inner critic is one of them. Learning to recognize these voices, or sub-selves, as I call them, is a powerful and transformative time tool.

Self-Criticism: See It, Stop It, and Find Time

Self-criticism is one of the most debilitating time traps that we engage in … and many of us do it without even knowing. We all have voices that chatter in our heads throughout the day. and they directly shape our time choices. 

2 Time-Tested Techniques Trounce Time Lies

Our killer time lies can loom pretty large in our own lives. But that’s only because they dovetail with our personal histories and blind spots. In fact, you may have noticed that it’s much easier to name someone else’s 

Find Time to Stop Making Yourself Feel Guilty: Timely Tip #1

Finding time and then enjoying the time you find can feel like an act of courage sometimes! That is especially true when there are voices (both inside you and around you) telling you that your time doesn’t really belong to you. Perhaps they tell you that you owe it to others, instead. Rather than allowing…

Find Time to Move Through Fear

Finding time is not just a matter of time management.  That’s an odd thing for a time management coach to say, but it’s true … and important. Finding time is a matter of energy management, too.  If you neglect this vital piece, you will not be finding time; you’ll just be working harder and faster,…