Each Day is a Journey, So Bring What You Need

Giving yourself what you need is probably the most powerful productivity tool there is.  A core self-care skill. it makes everything possible. And yet for lots of us, this is something that constantly falls to the bottom of the list. So, I think this helps you see how important this skill is: Think of each…

Relax and Enjoy Your Holiday Moments — Affirmations Help

Making time in your life to relax is often a challenge. And this is often especially true during the holiday season. Some people even experience the pressure to relax and enjoy this time as debilitating. And the truth is, if you are not able to relax, there’s a good possibility that stress will drain your…

Celebrate the Person You See in the Mirror, and Energize Yourself Every Day

Finding time to acknowledge what we value and hold dear, and celebrate it, is a worthy pursuit every single day. Yet how often do you do it? Celebrating yourself and recognizing the values that you hold close to your heart is a surefire way to reconnect with wellsprings of inner energy. And here’s an interesting…

Nurturing Yourself – A Time Skill and Responsibility

Some time ago I shared a post titled Nurturing Energy – Your Powerful Antidote to Time Toxins that described the nurturer as a part of each of us. I refer to this part as a sub-self. It’s a part of us that we can develop with practice, and it enhances our lives palpably and 

Stress, Your Energy and Your Time – Helpful Affirmations

Stress is a fact of life.  There’s no getting around it; BUT you can develop skills for managing it. Managing your stress well contributes a LOT to your success – and even more importantly, to the quality of your relationships, your moments … and your life! When it comes to stress management, 

Review, Reflect, and Renew: Some Favorites for Finding Time

A review of the past always deepens the present and informs the future. And when it comes to time management, finding time for this sort of review takes a moment now, but greatly enhances your efficiency and effectiveness as the hours and days unfold. Here at The Time Finder, we always look back and review…

Password Power-Find Time for Affirming Reminders!

Password changes are becoming a regular part of our on-line lives. They are a necessary and increasingly complicated inconvenience as we all work to stay one step ahead of hackers looking for our credit card numbers and other personal information. Many websites and applications require