Life Bot and Alexa — New Productivity and Self-Care Possibilities Abound

Life Bot is a new addition to the skill set of Amazon’s popular digital assistant, Alexa.  Its aim is twofold: to make Alexa more useful in managing your daily routines and, ultimately, to enhance Alexa’s skills by learning your personal preferences over time.   Life Bot – What can it do now? Right now, Life Bot’s…

Save Time and Money by Finding Books with Library Extension for Chrome

Your local library — when is the last time you visited it? It’s so easy to become focused on the convenience of accessing resources on-line and having them at our fingertips. But when we do that, we can tend to forget about the powerful resources in our communities. And the truth is that libraries, whether…

Amazon Underground vs Google Play Equals Free Apps for You!

Amazon Underground is a new initiative that is set up to give away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of free apps. Set up for the Android platform, Amazon Underground is taking on Google Play for the Android app market, and has many people puzzled about what’s in it for Amazon. 

On-line Work Got You Unfocused & Flummoxed? 5 Time Tips!

On-line work is more and more vital to your success these days, whether you work in an office, run a small business, or are a coach or solopreneur. So today I’d like to take a look at on-line work and some specific time challenges that it presents. Your on-line time challenges are a little bit different…

The Internet, Your Brain, and Your Time – Should You Worry?

The internet, some people (like Jonathan Franzen) believe, is ruining us. In particular, Franzen cites Jeff Bezos, Amazon and the rise of self-publishing and e-books as a dire threat to the ‘serious writer’ – an august group which, presumably, includes himself but excludes 

Is Your Time Stolen by Online Activities? Try These 5 Timely Tips!

Online time management is a challenge, isn’t it?  How many times have you been focused on a project, only to have temptations like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon tug at you. Maintaining focus and staying in charge of your time is a top priority for most folks – and especially so for entrepreneurs and

Find Time to Appreciate the Experience of Aging

Finding time to appreciate the experience of aging can be a challenge, but it’s certainly one well worth taking on.  As the month of August is my birth-month, and I contemplate turning another year older, I find my thoughts turning to the experience of aging and how it has required letting go, as well as…