Life Bot and Alexa — New Productivity and Self-Care Possibilities Abound

Life Bot is a new addition to the skill set of Amazon’s popular digital assistant, Alexa.  Its aim is twofold: to make Alexa more useful in managing your daily routines and, ultimately, to enhance Alexa’s skills by learning your personal preferences over time.   Life Bot – What can it do now? Right now, Life Bot’s…

Boomerang Respondable – Some E-Mail Magic for You!

Boomerang is a handy e-mail app that we’ve written about in the past here. It’s a tool that works well with Gmail and with Outlook. Mostly we use it when we want to send a reply to an  e-mail at a later time or date. There are free and paid versions of this e-mail app, and we’ve…

IFTTT and Tasker – Adaptable Tools for Finding Time

IFTTT and Tasker are two tools that you can use to create ‘recipes’ that automate on-line tasks. This, in turn, helps you stay organized and on track … and frees up time for other things. My VA has used IFTTT for some regular tasks here at The Time Finder and I’ve written about it in…

Journaling with Day One 2 — It’s Free!

Journaling is a wonderful tool for recording and for reflection. It’s something I encourage in my off-line work, but haven’t written about so much here on The Time Finder. Finding time for journaling is not always easy when you’re busy with myriad tasks and responsibilities. It may be something that you’d like to do,  TweetSharePinShare

Amazon Underground vs Google Play Equals Free Apps for You!

Amazon Underground is a new initiative that is set up to give away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of free apps. Set up for the Android platform, Amazon Underground is taking on Google Play for the Android app market, and has many people puzzled about what’s in it for Amazon. 

Google Inbox, Gmail, and Your Time

Google Inbox and Gmail offer two different venues for accessing and managing your e-mail. So, how do you choose which one to use? If you’re already a Gmail user, why would you switch? We did some searching on-line and collected some information 

Tips Are Tops on The Time Finder!

Tips – and specifically, time and technology tips, were tops when it came to what you were reading last month on The Time Finder. So here’s a quick walk through the tips that readers kept coming back to. It’s a far-ranging collection, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests and time challenges.