Assertiveness and Time – 5 Tips for Setting Effective Boundaries

Assertiveness is a key skill to develop when it comes to maximizing your productivity and your overall satisfaction about how you use your time. That’s because we all have multiple pressures on our time. Competing priorities and others’ needs all demand our attention, and we are constantly making time choices. Why is this important?  Well, here’s a quote from…

Slow Down to Catch Up-September’s Time Wisdom

Slow down!  How many time have you heard that advice…from your grandparents, long ago…from your doctor, perhaps…from spiritual advisers,,,even from a small, wise voice inside. Well, now your time management expert is telling you that, too. It’s the single best way to re-group, re-focus, and re-energize yourself.  It costs nothing, and all it takes is…

Boundaries and You: Tap Your Power with These 5 Timely Tips

Boundaries define your time … and your life. When you set your boundaries, you are saying yes or no to an activity or commitment.  You are shaping your time and creating the map for your journey through it. 

Standing Up for Yourself to Increase Your Productivity

Standing up for yourself is a vital skill, as any assertiveness guru will tell you. But that’s not what this post is about. For increased productivity, I’m suggesting that you consider standing up for yourself, literally.

Find Time Resources Every Month in The Finding Time E-Zine

Time resources:  you can never have too many of them.  And one of my favorite pastimes is collecting time resources and sharing them with you. One of those time resources is The Finding Time E-zine, and the newest edition will be published tomorrow morning!

Scarcity to Abundance: Replace Killer Time Lies with Powerful Affirmations

Scarcity is so constricting, isn’t it? The good news is that scarcity (and especially time scarcity) is, in very large part, a mindset.  Yet finding time to tap into abundance and expand your horizons requires some focused effort. To make a strong start, one surefire step is to actively

Find Time to Build Your Brave Muscles With a Daily Courage Workout

Finding time requires you to act with clarity and assertiveness every day in big and small ways.  So it helps to remember that courage can be cultivated on a daily basis. And just like getting into shape, cultivating your courage is a step-by-step process.  Each effort you invest provides a base for your next step. …