Stressed About Thanksgiving? Gratitude Expands and Energizes. Enjoy!

Are you looking ahead to a warm and happy Thanksgiving? Well, a quick survey of my Facebook and Twitter friends reflects some pre-Holiday excitement and anticipation And I’m also seeing some stress. So how are you feeling about the coming days? Are you wondering how you’ll find the time to do everything that needs to be done before the…

Stress, Your Energy and Your Time – Helpful Affirmations

Stress is a fact of life.  There’s no getting around it; BUT you can develop skills for managing it. Managing your stress well contributes a LOT to your success – and even more importantly, to the quality of your relationships, your moments … and your life! When it comes to stress management, 

Aging and You: Appreciate Your Journey with 5 Timely Tips

Aging is a process that we are all engaged in from the moment of our birth. As we move through our developmental stages, we see our aging through a variety of perspectives.  In youth, we are often eager to accumulate years.  But as we get older that changes and we wish that

Small Steps Spell Big Changes for You and Your Time!

Small steps get you from where you are to where you’d like to be.  And there’s really no other way to get there. But so very often, we are impatient, want change to come more quickly, and aren’t satisfied with small steps.  And that’s when we trip ourselves

Clutter and You: Changing How Your Stuff Impacts You, Your Space, and Your Time!

Clutter.  What does that word conjure for you?  How does your energy shift when you hear it? For many, clutter is a chronic challenge – and its causes, as well as its impact goes far beyond mere ‘messiness.’ I recently read an excellent blog post by Mikael Cho titled “How clutter affects you and what you can…

Aging: Find Time to Appreciate the Process with 5 Timely Tips

Aging.  What images come to mind when you hear that word?  Do you embrace it?  Try to deny it? How does the idea of aging fit into your world? Having just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on aging:  my own, and the aging process in general.

Find Time to Let Changes Change You, Too!

Finding time to deal with changes and transitions in life is a perennial challenge.  While change is inevitable, it isn’t something that we always welcome because it means, well … change! Maybe part of what we react to, in thinking about change, is the fact that it may ask that we change ourselves.  So, what…