Deep Breathing to Find Peace, Energy, and Time

Deep breathing is a simple and powerful skill. When you cultivate and practice it, you do yourself a huge favor. Easy and always-accessible, deep breathing is a practice that reduces stress, improves your health in some very clear ways, and offers renewed energy and clarity whenever you implement it. Honestly, it’s THAT helpful and good for…

Transitions and Your Time-Choosing to Thrive Through Change

Transitions are taking place in our lives all the time. Maybe you hardly notice the small transitions … but the large ones can create upheaval and stress. The more you bring mindful attention to your transitions, looking at the ways you

Goal-Setting – Finding the Right Mindset for Finding Time!

Goal-setting is a very helpful enterprise any time of year. And as we move into a new season, goal-setting becomes even more important, timely, and invigorating.  The start of spring (here in the northern hemisphere …) is an especially good time to 

Your Work Rhythms-Know Them and Use Them to Optimize Your Time and Productivity

Our work rhythms are as unique as we are.  But one thing that’s true for all of us is that we each HAVE work rhythms. Our energy levels vary, and so there are times of day when we are naturally more energetic and, therefore, more productive.

Create a Goal-Setting Process to Achieve Success: 3 Timely Tips

Finding time for a goal-setting process is a key to your success, whether it’s in your business or personal life. In order to do that, it’s important to sift out your top priorities. So reflecting is key, at numerous points in the goal-setting process. But that’s not all… It’s not just the content or your…

Find Time to Stretch Your Mindset into Abundance and Creativity – Got 30 Seconds?

Wow – what an exciting call we had last night!  Artist and Creativity Coach Ellene Breedlove Davis shared secrets, suggestions and solutions about … “Finding Time to be Creative: Portrait of the Artist.” On the call Ellene offered fantastic tips about creativity, learning to plan your time and set boundaries for yourself, and starting to…

Finding Time to Create Abundance with Gratitude

Finding time can begin with finding your heart. That might seem counter-intuitive, but think about it.  So often, when we are busy, the connection to our heart feels fainter. That, in turn, can start a constriction that leads straight to urgency, frustration and feeling that there’s simply not enough to go around. When you feel…