When It Comes to Time and Money, This is Your Key

Are you stressed about your time and money? Do they feel constantly scarce to you? Putting yourself in a position to take charge of your time and money is a challenge. And sometimes it’s more difficult than others. But have you ever considered that ‘taking charge’ might not be the best first step? Does this sound…

On-Line and Losing Time? Use Time Plans and Boundaries to Find Time

On-line activities take up more and more of everyone’s time these days. Whether you go on-line as part of your business and marketing plan, or simply use 

Fitness and You-Apps for Tracking Your Efforts in 2014

Fitness often tops lists of New Year’s resolutions; and fitness efforts also often fall to the wayside fairly quickly as the New Year unfolds. We’ll be writing more about that soon, but for now, since it’s time for our weekly Cyber Monday tech post, I thought I’d share a few fitness apps 

Sleep, Your Energy, Your Productivity and Your Time!

Your sleep is so important!  And yet, when it comes to self-care and time management, sleep time is often what we sacrifice to get just-one-more-thing done. While that “one-more-thing” may seem very important in the moment, when it sets

Time Tracking Tools: Using RescueTime and Time Doctor to Track and Manage Your Time

Time tracking tools are very helpful to your time management efforts, because they help you see how you spend your time, as well as helping you manage it going forward. Last week, in my post titled “Time and Energy Tracking Tool to Boost Your Productivity” I wrote about Juice, an app from Mindbloom that looks at…

Find Time to Listen to What Your Time Choices Have to Say to You!

Finding time to listen is key to knowing yourself. And part of what that means is learning what’s important to you. Finding time for what matters most is the core goal of my Heart-Based Time Management system.  So, with all the responsibilities and demands of modern life, how do you figure out “what matters most”?…

Find Time to Explore Your Klout on Cyber Monday

Finding time to measure and extend your reach in social networking circles may be something you’re looking to focus on as we head into a new year.  Is that an area you’re looking to grow in for 2011? If so, you may want to take a look at Klout – a free tool that looks…