They May FEEL Totally New, but Beginnings are Organic

The new and the old might seem like opposites — so different as to not even be connected. But the reality is actually not like that at all. In fact, our beginnings and endings are so intertwined that, to see them as separate is fundamentally distorting. So, here’s something to think about… The French poet…

Endings and Beginnings — The Warp and Woof of Life

Endings and beginnings are happening in our lives constantly. Taken to the most elemental level, you see an ending and a beginning with each in-breath and out-breath. You inhale and exhale. Or do you exhale then inhale? Which is the ending? And which is the beginning? That’s the thing: our beginnings and endings run together. We are continually…

Endings and Beginnings – Compassion and Completion

Endings and beginnings are happening all the time in our lives. Often we experience them unconsciously, they are so embedded in the rhythm of our days. The sun rises and sets, we breathe in and out. We are continually transitioning from one thing to the next. What’s less common is experiencing an ending with a…

Beginnings – Find Time to Make Yours Successful!

Beginnings can be a challenge for many of us. Quite often the toughest moment in a project or activity is taking the first actual action step. Despite your best efforts at mental rehearsal and preparing the optimal environment, the first step can look almost insurmountable 

Deepen into Strong Time for Heart-Based Peace and Calm

Strong Time is a powerful concept that has its roots in the early 20th century.  First described by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim, the core ideas about strong time were then expanded upon by the 

Transitions and Choice – Finding Time to Stay on Track

Transitions are constants in our lives, and perhaps especially so for those of us in midlife and beyond. Change is happening in every moment. Think of the movement of our planet as the base.  Right now, wherever you live, you are experiencing a transition from one part of the day (or night) to 

Starting When You Finish-Create a Beginning to Find Time

Starting a project is often the most challenging step in moving toward a goal. Whether you’re creating an info product, starting to write a book or special report, creating a business plan, working on your taxes … whatever it is, the first step can be difficult.  And we all know that if starting has you stymied,…