Time Tools to Enhance Your Moments, Days, Weeks and Months!

Time tools used well help you find more time, success, and satisfaction in your life.  The key is finding the time tools that will work for you, and then using them! Here at The Time Finder, I love sharing time tools with readers – and each new month, I share 

Ultimate Blog Challenge Starts Today – Are You In?

The Ultimate Blog Challenge starts today, and here at The Time Finder we are excited and, honestly, a little nervous to be stepping up to the plate. The Blog Challenge involves sharing a blog post for each day in the month of 

Halloween Hurricane: 3 Timely Tips

Halloween came on the heels of a big, wet snowstorm here in the Northeast US last year.  And this year, Halloween is arriving along with the winds and rains of Hurricane Sandy. Are you in Sandy’s path?  Do you feel ready for what this Halloween may deliver to your doorstep? 

Find Time for Blogs Just In and Dunno on Cyber Monday!

Finding time to publicize your blog content on the web, or to ferret out information about a question or new interest is easier with Blogs Just In and Dunno.  Here’s a brief description of each … Blogs Just In is the brain child of Will Bontrager and it offers a place for you to find…

Finding Time to Outmaneuver Your Time Gremlins: The People-Pleaser

Finding time to outmaneuver your Time Gremlins wins you still more precious time.  As we’ve explored their insidious ways, isn’t it a delicious feeling to break free of them?  Not only do you find time, but you learn so much empowering information about yourself! I think it’s great news that your Time Gremlins are completely…

Find Time, Blogging Tips, and Business Resources at Blogtrepreneur

Finding time to make the most of your blogging efforts, especially if your blog is a part of your business, is a challenge that we all wrestle with.  That’s why I was so happy when my friend and colleague, the artist/entrepreneur Ellene Breedlove Davis, told me about a blog she’d discovered called Blogtrepreneur. Founded by…

Find Time to Connect in Every Venue and Include YOU!

Finding time to connect using the available on-line social venues can be a time-consuming task.  Just today I linked up in two new (to me) places … BranchOut on Facebook, and Visible.me. It can be great fun to explore the networking sites and tools available on the web.  Furthermore, if you are a small business…