Want to Bloom? Remember, It’s a Process, So Let It Unfold

If you want to bloom it’s important to know that it’s a process. Nature treats us to the fruits of the process every spring. But it starts long before we see the blossoms. We had one very warm, spring-like day this week. That led me to think about what’s involved in blossoming. It’s an excellent model…

Open Your Heart and Find More Time

When you open to what is you let yourself see, hear and feel without impediment. This may be challenging, because we naturally recoil from things that are painful. But avoidance and defenses, while they may seem like they help, actually encumber us. Like the turtle’s shell, you carry your protection everywhere you go. 

Videos and Podcasts and Blossoming Ideas at Finding Time!

Videos and podcasts are excellent vehicles for conveying information. At once entertaining and educational, both videos and podcasts offer lots of possibilities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Whether you’re interested in sharing a story, a product, an 

Assimilating and Creating: Use Your Schedule to Deepen Your Time

Assimilating new skills and knowledge (attaining mastery) and allowing your creativity to blossom – these are activities that require a different kind of time and attention than our busy schedules sometimes allow. Earlier this week I wrote about how distractions and interruptions impact our minds and memories.  Today I’d like to focus on two recent 

Springtime Self-Care: Tending Your Garden of Time

Springtime.  Can you feel it?  The air softens as blossoms burst open and green returns to the once-frozen earth.  Vernal pools are alive with activity as windows are opened and thoughts turn to gardens, cookouts, and outdoor chores and recreation.  (And for our friends in the southern hemisphere, they’ll be experiencing this in a few…

Find Time for Empowered Compassion™

Finding Time to become more authentic and heart-based opens up a wealth of possibilities. In the past, I’ve written about the unique insights that compassion can bring to your time management efforts. When you bring compassion to any situation you make it possible to also bring your full and authentic presence to it.  Accepting YOU,…

Find Time to Explore Your "Time Roots"

Finding time to know and understand yourself is one of the best investments you can make.  Exploring your “Time Roots” is about coming to understand the kinds of messages and lessons you learned about time from the earliest age. This is so important, because we live and breathe and do everything that we do in…