Boomerang Respondable – Some E-Mail Magic for You!

Boomerang is a handy e-mail app that we’ve written about in the past here. It’s a tool that works well with Gmail and with Outlook. Mostly we use it when we want to send a reply to an  e-mail at a later time or date. There are free and paid versions of this e-mail app, and we’ve…

Gmail Apps: mxHero Toolbox Helps You Manage Your Mail and Find Time

 mxHero is a Chrome application that looks like it might be a big help in managing your e-mails (and thereby freeing up time for other things you need to do). If you’re a Gmail user who also uses Chrome, this is a Chrome Extension that I encourage you 

Boomerang for Gmail: Stay in Touch (Even When You're Out-of-Touch)

Boomerang may be a word you associate with the Outback – but it’s a tool to consider adopting if you’re interested in optimizing your communication and on-line presence.  That’s because finding time to stay in touch (even when you’re out-of-touch) is a very easy way to enhance your visibility.  Not only that,