Flexible Focus from the Finding Time E-zine

Flexible focus is a very helpful concept, and one that builds on yesterday’s article about finding the balance between creativity and discipline, and moving efficiently from one project to another. So, to continue and take a look at flexible focus, I thought I’d share an article from the 

Tech Resolutions Create Time Revolutions!

Tech resolutions are pretty common fare around the New Year. That’s because technology can save us mounds of time AND it can eat up untold moments, often without us really even being aware.  So, starting a new year (or even a new month) with 

Whiteboards: Productivity, Creativity and Communication with Conojo

Whiteboards offer a powerful venue for brainstorming and planning – especially when you are working in teams. But for whiteboards to be useful – at least up ’til now – you need to have your team all in the same place.  And then whatever you’ve created on 

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming-Powerful Time Tools

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming are powerful time management skills.  “What do mind mapping and brainstorming have to do with time management?” you ask. Well, I’d say that they both help with time management because they are such 

Find Time to Expand Your Possibilities With the 5-Minute Solution!

Finding time when time is short can be a challenge, but don’t give up.  You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in small bits of time. In fact, as we discussed last week, the 5-Minute Solution is a practical and effective way to step out of procrastination and give yourself a path toward productivity.  And…

Find Time When You Need It Most Using Timely Flexible Focus

Finding time to develop flexible focus helps you select the right tools for each situation you face. If you’ve wondered exactly where flexible focus can help you, here are some classic scenarios where this tool can give you a timely boost: Training new employees. Starting a new job. Collaborating closely with a colleague who has…

Finding Time and Focus No Matter What: Even Adult ADD Can’t Stop You with These 3 Timely Tips

Finding time is a daily challenge for all of us.  It requires focus and discipline. But what about finding time and focus when Adult ADD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is part of the mix for you? Well, the good news is that while Adult ADD makes finding time more of a challenge, it doesn’t make it…