Want More Energy for Autumn? Celebrate YOU as Summer Winds Down

When you celebrate YOU, you give yourself an energy boost no matter what. And who doesn’t need an energy boost right about now? Managing your energy is a key ingredient in caring for yourself. And as we move toward a new season, with so many unknowns ahead, self-care is even more important to your well-being.…

Celebrate the Person You See in the Mirror, and Energize Yourself Every Day

Finding time to acknowledge what we value and hold dear, and celebrate it, is a worthy pursuit every single day. Yet how often do you do it? Celebrating yourself and recognizing the values that you hold close to your heart is a surefire way to reconnect with wellsprings of inner energy. And here’s an interesting…

Transform Your Time Into Gifts – 3 Timely Tips

As the holiday season approaches gift-giving comes to the forefront for many people. But maybe money is tight. Or maybe you want to do something different this year – something that feels especially meaningful and from the heart. Well, your time, which costs no money, may be the unique gift that shines through the years…

Celebrate – No Matter How Many Candles Are Involved!

Finding time to celebrate the passing years as you age is a skill that stands you in good stead for life’s transitions. I think about that, as I enter my birth month and get ready to celebrate another birthday. It’s a journey, and  finding time to achieve true contentment 

Starting When You Finish-Create a Beginning to Find Time

Starting a project is often the most challenging step in moving toward a goal. Whether you’re creating an info product, starting to write a book or special report, creating a business plan, working on your taxes … whatever it is, the first step can be difficult.  And we all know that if starting has you stymied,…

Exercise Time and the Holidays: Trim Pounds While You Enjoy the Trimmings!

Finding exercise time is challenging in the midst of holiday celebrations. But whatever holidays you celebrate, you needn’t let go of your healthy habits. In fact, you can celebrate and have fun while maintaining the activities that sustain you.

Celebrating Milestones Energizes You and Deepens Your Experience of Time

Celebrating milestones is an excellent way to mark goals achieved, plans fulfilled, and promises kept.  But that’s not all.  Celebrating milestones also replenishes your stores of energy and heightens your sense of the meaning and the preciousness of time.  Here’s an example: