There’s Room for Humor, But Aging Isn’t a Joke

Indeed, aging isn’t a joke. When you’re busy and stressed, feeling like you have slowed down is difficult. Getting things done is a challenge that can be heightened as we adjust, each of us, to our own aging processes. So, how do you adjust to aging?  Is it an issue that you grapple with? How…

Techboomers-Tech Tutorials for Boomers Help Find Time!

Techboomers is a handy site that offers step-by-step tutorials for using many of the most popular websites and web tools that are available today. Geared for the non-techie folks 

Empowering Ideas and Powerful Time Tools Galore!

Empowering yourself with the tools and information you need is a surefire path to success. But too many of us just don’t find time to do that – and the results are telling. Indeed, embarking on a new path or new 

Identity Theft Resources-Take Charge and Find Time!

Identity theft is a growing issue world-wide, as anyone in the US who has Anthem health insurance was reminded last winter when Anthem’s databases were hacked and millions upon millions of people were affected. That event is still being sorted out and so far I’ve heard no reports of identity theft as a result of this…

Your Present Moment-Stillness, Choice and Transformation

Your present moment – this moment – the one you are in right now – is the intersection between your past and your future. If you let them, your time choices come alive in this moment. At once profound and mysterious, your present moment is a place of stillness.  As you allow yourself to settle in…

Reflection, De-Cluttering and Energy – Favorites for Finding Time

Reflection is a practice that deepens and expands your experience of time. And reflection, at the start of a New Year, is an excellent way to pause and appreciate the year past as you transition to the coming year. So it isn’t surprising that Time Finder readers were drawn to our post titled Reflection on the Past…

Password Power-Find Time for Affirming Reminders!

Password changes are becoming a regular part of our on-line lives. They are a necessary and increasingly complicated inconvenience as we all work to stay one step ahead of hackers looking for our credit card numbers and other personal information. Many websites and applications require