Need More Time and Energy? Your Feelings Hold the Key

Your feelings are a foundational part of your time management efforts. That’s because increasing your efficiency and effectiveness is so often about managing your energy rather than finding more time. And one of the biggest energy drains around is the tendency to shy away from difficult or challenging feelings. So, exploring your feelings and letting…

Challenges and Choices — Here’s Where You Make Your Lemonade

Life challenges crop up everywhere and present us with hurdles, large and small. Whether it’s a small annoyance or a major upheaval, we are constantly making choices about how to manage challenges. And beyond simply managing, you also make choices about how you learn from your challenges. How do you find the gems that are…

Spot Self-Talk that Has You Stuck and Start Moving Again

Being stuck is no fun. The world moves all around you while you stand still, feeling like you’re falling further and further behind. Stress builds as options narrow. Last week I shared some creative questions to help you step out of this debilitating cycle 

Growing Older — Find Time to Appreciate the Experience

Growing older is an experience that happens to all of us, if we are lucky. It’s universal and it’s happening all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not. And growing older brings with it changes that can be challenging on a number of fronts. So, today I want to explore a topic that many…

Positive Self-Talk is a Powerful Time-Saver

Positive self-talk is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself — ever. And the good news is that positive self-talk is a gift you can give over and over – as often as you like. When it comes to boosting energy and confidence, there’s nothing better.  But have you ever thought about…

Empowering Ideas and Powerful Time Tools Galore!

Empowering yourself with the tools and information you need is a surefire path to success. But too many of us just don’t find time to do that – and the results are telling. Indeed, embarking on a new path or new 

Transitions, To-Do Lists and Time – Oh My!

Transitions – they are happening all the time. And they are, by definition, disruptive. If you think about it, waves are disruptive, too.  They rearrange our beaches and shorelines constantly – but surfers love them! So, that’s how it is with