Transition Effectiveness Tips Help You Navigate Any Challenge

Transitions and changes are happening in us and around us all the time. Sometimes they are challenging, and sometimes they are nearly invisible – like our in-breath and out-breath. But what about the tough ones? The transitions that you dread? What if you could face your upcoming challenges with more anticipation and less 

Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Finding Time

Chip Kelly and Philadelphia Eagles are probably not words you’d ever have expected to see at the start of a post on The Time Finder.  But bear with me – he’s got some interesting things to say about time! I’ve been learning about Chip Kelly from my VA, who is a serious fan of the…

Stress and You: Manage It, Free Yourself, and Find Time!

Stress is part of everyone’s life and work. Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, run your own business, or work for someone else, managing your work stress can be a challenge. And the better you manage that stress, the more productive you’ll be – and the happier and 

Time Success: 3 Keys for Using Your Accountability Buddy to Increase Your Productivity

Time success can be elusive – and especially so the bigger the project and the busier you get.  Do you know that feeling?  Sometimes it’s hard to keep moving when deadlines loom and demands seem to be coming in from every direction! Well, your time success is important to me.  So, 

Find Time by Tapping into Time Energy™ – Anytime!

Finding time takes a lot of energy – energy to plan, assess and apply smart solutions to pressing daily problems. How often does your vitality sag? Well, this is where Time Energy™ comes to your rescue.  As you learn how to tap it, you come to see that … 

Find Time This Spring to Let Go and Make Changes

Finding time to make the changes that you value in your life is always going to involve letting go.  You let go of something old and replace it with something new. In many ways, it’s just that simple.  However, letting go is a layered and sometimes quite challenging process.  As we discussed yesterday, even seeing…

Find Time to "Fall Back" and Still Stay on Track!

Finding time to begin and end Daylight Saving Time each year is a ritual that most of us here in the United States are very familiar with.  (The exceptions here are Arizona, Hawaii, and part of Indiana, along with the territories of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.)…