Choosing the New, It’s All Up to You

Choosing the new is a proactive and affirmative time choice that you have the power to make in each and every moment. And, indeed, finding time to welcome the adventure of each new day and each new moment, transforms your relationship with time. This is an especially good time to think about this: as we…

Finding Fullness: Your Values and Time Choices Define Your Moments

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed about your choices or struggling with competing priorities, that’s a good sign that you may need to step back and do some values clarification. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy or unpleasant task. Think of it as a friendly dialogue with yourself. It’s a wonderful way to get re-acquainted.…

Feeling the Fear? Find a Stronger Voice

Fear is a debilitating energy that you hold the power to change. It might feel overwhelming in a given moment, but fear is, at its core, simply a feeling. In a recent post titled “Assertiveness Strategies — How to Say No When You’re Scared to Death” I wrote: Assertiveness is a choice you make and an…

Choosing Gratitude Means You’re Choosing to Transform Your Time

Gratitude isn’t a feeling you have; it’s a proactive choice that you make. And gratitude is transformative. This is especially true when your life has you feeling cornered. I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about here.  Do you ever feel: Overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to-do list? Depleted because so many people either…

Focus vs. Distractions – The Battle of Our Digital Age

Distractions are everywhere and focus can certainly be a challenge to maintain. We are bombarded with information constantly, and its instant accessibility means that distraction is our baseline mode and focus becomes increasingly difficult to sustain. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Schedule Reflection Time to Be More Productive

Your schedule is one of the tools that you use to optimize your productivity. And when you schedule time to reflect you are NOT being unproductive. In fact, you’re giving yourself a gift. Your productivity always boils down to your time choices, and you make better choices when you reflect on them!

Abundant Time – Live Fully and Claim Your Dreams

Abundant time or scarce time – maybe it’s up to you to decide! While time is concrete and limited – after all, we each have the same 24-hours every day. how you view your time is a choice you make in each moment. So is your time abundant or constricted and limited?