Your Seasonal Chores — How to Enjoy Them More With Templates

Your seasonal chores are seasonal — which means they are predictable. This one small fact provides an opportunity to increase your efficiency AND your enjoyment mightily. There comes a day, each New Hampshire spring, when the temperatures get scorching hot — much too hot for warm clothes. I always try to have my winter clothes…

Using Task Templates to Add Time and Subtract Stress from Your Life

Using task templates helps you streamline your tasks. This is especially true for chores or activities that are regularly repeated. And you’ll find your templates doubly helpful when you’re feeling stressed and pressed for time. These are simple, flexible systems for managing your tasks and your time, as well as shaping your schedule. Once you…

Seasonal Chores and Task Templates — A Winning Autumn Combo

Finding time to get your seasonal chores done, while still appreciating and living each moment as fully as you can is a challenge that we each face every day. And the challenge is especially keen during times of transition like the change from summer to fall. When you are in the midst of a seasonal…

Unexpected Boundary – A Rainy Day Gift from the Universe

A time boundary is a gift you give yourself. That’s the most useful way to think about it. And your time boundary isn’t a negative thing at all. It helps you focus your energies because you say “No” to what’s less important. And that gives you the space and time and energy to say a…

Let Your Lists Sweat the Details While You Do What You Love!

Lists are so powerful when it comes to tracking tasks, remembering important details and, ultimately, finding time for what matters most. In today’s world, with information instantaneously available and news and e-mail and social networking in play 24/7 it is easy to fall into overwhelm.  

Clutter Cramping Your Style? Start Small and Make Big Changes!

Clutter is something that we all have to deal with from time to time.  Whether it’s in your space, on your To-Do List, or in your mind and heart, clearing out that clutter is one of the surest ways I know of to decrease stress and increase your efficiency and effectiveness. 

Spring Cleaning and You: 3 Timely Tips

Spring cleaning can be many things to many people.  The energy that you bring to it has a profound effect on how it feels to you. Spring Cleaning:  How Do You See It? For some, spring cleaning is one of those