Holiday Celebrations: Finding Your Comfort Zone

Holiday celebrations offer wonderful opportunities to gather gratefully and connect with family and friends. They can also be times of major stress.  So, as we plan for 2013’s holiday celebrations, time management tips couldn’t be more important.

Balance Leads You to Enhanced Energy and Time

Balance, as we discovered earlier this week via Goldilocks, is about discovering what works best for you.  Your sweet spot, when it comes to something like work-home balance may be completely different from mine. The main thing is to open up to who you are and where your balance point lies.

Sudden Change and Being Present: 3 Timely Tips

Sudden change is a reality of human life – and it’s a challenge on many different levels. Sometimes the sudden change is something that happens to you, throwing everything up into the air and taking your breath away.  And sometimes it enters a friend’s or colleague’s life, turning 

Find Time to Accept Yourself and Transform Your Time with Empowered Compassion™

Finding Time to accept all of who you are is a gentle, deliberate process that will transform your time and give you a solid base for action.  That’s because being your most productive self, your most empowered self, means being your WHOLE self.  And that’s where Empowered Compassion™ comes in. Like the in-breath that is…

Finding Time to Turn Worry into Welcome, Using a Simple Question

Finding time to savor your life can become so much easier as you learn the skill of introducing simple attitude shifts to your day. Very often, if you feel yourself slipping into a rut of fear, anxiety, or negativity, something as easy as pausing and asking yourself the right question will tickle your mind into…

Find Time for Spring Cleaning!

Finding time for spring cleaning is one of my favorite annual rituals … and we are heading into that time of year once again – at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Yesterday was one of those days when it felt like winter might actually be drawing to a close.  Can’t you feel it? I…