Your Commitments — How to Keep Them, and How That’s Important

Commitments are promises. And keeping promises is vital to building trust, whether that’s with another person or with yourself. But perhaps you’ve noticed that your days are often filled with lists of things to do, tasks to complete, and duties to perform. Sometimes, you may feel as though you can’t possibly do it all. And…

Circumstances Change, So Update Your Goals to Stay Current

When circumstances change, do you adjust or do you stay the course? And how do you decide? It’s a fact of life, that your circumstances change all the time. And in some situations, flexibility is what’s needed. On the other hand, sometimes discipline and focus are the skills you want to call on. This is…

Time Choices that Work – Supporting a Friend in Need

Your ability to make good time choices is going to be challenged when a friend faces a sudden crisis and needs your immediate help. Finding time to nurture friendships is an important investment, and usually the 

Boundaries Between Work and Home-Putting Them into Practice

Boundaries help you use your time more effectively.  They are often challenging to set, however, and maintaining them is also a stretch for many! In our previous post we examined some of the advantages of setting strong boundaries between work and home.  Today I want to explore the flip side of the coin.

Internal Boundaries-A Big Key to Your Time Success!

Internal boundaries present challenges for many. The challenges arise both in setting internal boundaries and in maintaining them. And if I had to name a key tool in your time management toolbox, internal boundaries would be right up there near the top of the list.

7 Time Myths That Keep You Stuck, Self-Critical and Stressed!

Time myths … we all harbor them, and they eat away at our helpful time habits, leaving us frustrated and behind-the-eight-ball. Often, time myths are instilled by our culture, our early messages, and behaviors we have observed in others.  They are deeply embedded … 

Crisis Times: Respond Using These 3 Timely Tips

Crisis times come unexpectedly, by definition.  How do you respond?  When it’s someone else’s crisis that strikes, do you find yourself full of feelings and knocked off track? The time challenges that a crisis presents are complex.  But the good news is that a friend or family member’s crisis, while very difficult, doesn’t need to…